Teaching & Training

Education in its essence should be leverage, a mean, to transform society on a paradigmatic level. We are of course not the first one to tell this. Paulo Freire, Ivan Illich, Montessori, Steiner, they all said education should be emancipatory and political in its nature. The question though is how to manifest these ideologies.

In Rudy’s Ph.D. he researched how teachers in higher professional education are constructing their identity. He discovered that teachers use identity patterns in order to be resilient in a school culture which doesn’t always embrace their innovative impulse. Those patterns were sometimes innovative, many times comfort-oriented in order to ‘survive’. Although teachers are idealistic, they were also showing group conformity, and not able to resist the institutional context and administrative assignments.

Teaching and training

By helping teachers to reflect on their own performance, we can create a new school culture. We try to create an explorative space in which we look how teachers’ work with students can contribute to larger issues. We are profound believers with regard to coaching, training, and group facilitation for teachers.

Teacher Identity

In this book, a popular description of my Ph.D., I analyse the internal dialogues of teacher in how they cope with influences from the outside.

From this study pattern language is derived that can help teachers to reflect on how they construct their identity.