Individual coaching

In comparison with a traditional way of helping people by listening and probing questions, the presented approach is based on a twofold competence: the authentic encounter and structuring meaningful progress.

We define five unique characteristics in our approach:

1. The client is not an object but a partner. Guiding is always a two ways interaction. You can be fully present as a person and see the client also as a gift in your own learning and development. Both you and the client are also enacting a cultural creative practice. You participate both in a larger whole. CO-CREATIVE DIALOGUE

Individual coaching

2. Creating new realities instead of fixing problems. Instead of putting attention to the problem or solving the problem, formulating a goal and envisioning a better future helps to fertilize the bio-psycho-social reality of the client. We like to promote the creative life-force. THE PROJECT

3. Putting attention to the HOW instead of the WHAT. Instead of being fixed on the concrete level of change and actions, you can put deliberately attention to the way a client is relating with his challenges and development. Learn the client not to fight against himself but to work in harmony, finding out what way to go, when, where, and how. SELF GUIDANCE

4. Connect with the deeper inside. You can deepen your guidance of clients and colleagues by connecting with their personality, their emotions, life stories, values, etc. A client has a deeper soul-driven biography. He is invited to become whole. IDENTITY

5. Connecting with the larger outside. You can enlarge your own scope and that of your clients by asking your client questions about his relationship with the whole to which he belongs. By becoming aware of our participatory identity, clients experience meaningfulness and the greater whole is developed through empowered individuals. GREATER WHOLE