Group facilitation

In the last ten years we run already a huge number of group facilitation. The unique method is built on a seven step process. We invite people to sit in a circle and go, under guidance of a facilitator, through different phases of holarchic alignment.

In the first phase, which is the largest part of the process, the participants authentically express their own ideas and feeling concerning a topic. In the second phase the team’s identity is collectively formulated. This process is sustained by narrating team biography. In the third phase the team reflects on its contribution in the development of the larger whole (most often an organisation, professional discipline, or society in general). By being a part of a whole, the team can participate in the development of the whole to which it belongs.

Goup facilitation

It is our strong belief that team development has to integrate on the one hand the individual, and on the other hand the greater whole. We follow the holarchic principle that a group is always situated in a lower level and higher level of organisation. An individual is a whole and a part at the same time – a holon. By acknowledging this situatedness group members become relationally aligned. The intrapersonal is integrated in higher layers of belonging and participatory identity activated.

One of the consequences of this approach is that a project or issue is always tackled at the end of the facilitation, after it is embedded in the life of individuals and in the frame of the larger whole. First the process of fertilising layers of development, then results!

In this book you find a relational practice to facilitate team development using a layered worldview.

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