Cultural Transformation

Cultural transformation

Out of our experience we have chosen to see organisational development as a process of cultural transformation. Worldview and patterns are far more relevant, than analysis, strategy, and implementation.

The cultural transformation that is needed now in all organisations (school, government, business, health care) is the process of reconnecting with life-generating patterns.

Our mission as outsiders is to regenerate communication, personal reflection, and open-mindedness at all levels. The goal of the fertilizing process is to redesign structures as living collaborative entities. Structures become alive; they are subsidiary to life processes of creation, adaptation, and letting go.

The methods used to fertilize are participatory and awareness-raising (worldcafé, team circle, leadership coaching, mediation in group, personal development, sparring partner, future search, etc.).

In the application of these methods we use following principles:

  • Pioneers. We prefer to strengthen pioneers in an organisation or network, rather than fighting against resistance.
  • Identity. Priority is given to reflection on identity, rather than specific actual challenges.
  • Patterns. Rather than a theory about mission and vision, cultural transformation is seen as a change in behavioural patterns, which critically expresses an old or new worldview.
  • Personal development. Personal development and the authentic encounter between people are the leverage in cultural transformation.
  • Holarchy. The fertile ground in an organisation to exhibit high human performance is seen as the intertwinement of all layers of development (individual, team, and organisation). These layers are embedded in each other on the identity level. Individuals ARE the greater whole to which they belong.
  • Development-oriented. Instead of a polarising bad/good attitude, trust and compassion is used to create safety. People can develop at their own pace and the cultural transformation is seen as a slow but radical development to another state of being.