What we do


Out of our experience we have chosen to see organisational development as a process of cultural transformation. Worldview and patterns are far more relevant, than analysis, strategy, and implementation.

The cultural transformation that is needed now in all organisations (school, government, business, health care) is the process of reconnecting with life-generating patterns.

Our mission as outsiders is to regenerate communication, personal reflection, and open-mindedness at all levels. The goal of the fertilizing process is to redesign structures as living collaborative entities. Structures become alive; they are subsidiary to life processes of creation, adaptation, and letting go.

Group facilitation

In the last ten years we run already a huge number of group facilitation. The unique method is built on a seven step process. We invite people to sit in a circle and go, under guidance of a facilitator, through different phases of holarchic alignment.


During the last two centuries the identity of the professional (manager, teacher, physician, …) is basically determined by two characteristics: being objective and satisfying clients (patients, employees, citizens, students)…

Individual coaching

In comparison with a traditional way of helping people by listening and probing questions, the presented approach is based on a twofold competence: the authentic encounter and structuring meaningful progress.


Education in its essence should be leverage, a mean, to transform society on a paradigmatic level. We are of course not the first one to tell this. Paulo Freire, Ivan Illich, Montessori, Steiner, they all said education should be emancipatory and political in its nature. The question though is how to manifest these ideologies.