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Rudy Vandamme

Rudy Vandamme (1958) is Ph.D. in psychology, master in philosophy and master in anthropology (University of Leuven). He is also an international certified master NLP trainer and certified social mediator.

As philosopher and anthropologist, he understands the upcoming integral worldview and sees the emergence of new cultural patterns. His core expertise is to translate this worldview into handy methods professionals can use to become cultural creative in their domain. Rudy designed already a bunch of methods which are applied in individual coaching, health care, mediation, team development, and organizational change. He works with a large range of professionals, including managers, general practitioners, teachers, lawyers, and even policy makers.

He obtained his Ph.D. in Psychology at the University of Tilburg (The Netherlands). Prof. Dr. H. Hermans wrote:

In his work Rudy Vandamme manifests himself as an intellectual artist who keeps all balls of the Dialogical Self theory in the air without dropping or hiding any of them. He has personified his work masterfully in his central thesis: the teacher is his pupil and the pupil is his teacher. His book offers a beneficial antidote to an educational culture that threatens to become suffocated in a dense forest of clinical categories.

Rudy runs an adult training institute in Belgium specialised in courses in NLP, coaching, leadership and mediation (www.hetontwikkelingsinstituut.be). He is an active member of the Taos Associate, following Ken Gergen’s social constructionist approach. He is guest lecturer in different master programs at Universities.

Rudy wrote more than ten books, some of which are used as manuals in higher education. Read more on his LinkedIn page.

Ann Sterckx

Ann Sterckx (1973) is a Master in Organizational psychology (University of Ghent), and Master in Human Resources (Vlerick Business School Ghent).

Ann is a certified development-oriented coach and certified facilitator of World café. She worked during fifteen years as a human resources manager in several companies. Professionalising HR Processes and cultural change have always been part of her work. Today she is focusing on projects that help companies in cultural change and transition.

Ann is passionate about cultural change and ‘making structures alive’. She likes to use participatory and co-creative methods in facilitating organisational change. Instead of focusing on ‘high potentials’, Ann likes more to invest in those employees who have the profile of cultural creatives.

In her work she is inspired by an holistic, holarchic and development-oriented worldview. She believes strongly that personal and team development is key to the development of the greater whole to which we all belong.

Blessed by the wild

We are both involved in local citizen’s initiatives and we developed our authentic approach in ecopsychology (www.ecologize.net).

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