Cover Collaborative for Agile Teams

Successful collaboration with the ambition to turn around a discipline, organizational culture, or social system requires design principles based on a 21st century systemic and multi-layered world view. Collaborative circles describes how you can design and facilitate long-term collaboration that is effective in its ambition. Design principles are translated into an agile ritual for collaboration and circle gatherings. Social entrepreneurs, change agents, team coaches, and community workers can use these principles to establish an empowering long-term collaboration with an effective impact.

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Part I: Collaborative Circles

  1. Definition and design principles
  2. The evolutionary leap in collaboration
  3. Stages in circle development
  4. The Team Fork model

Part II: Circle Gatherings

  1. Definition, goals, and design principles
  2. The facilitator
  3. The seven step ritual

Part III: Case Study

  1. Corporate activism
  2. Volunteering activism