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Hi, my name is Rudy Vandamme, founder of Collaborative Circles and designer of practices professionals (like leaders, teachers, coaches, social workers and social entrepreneurs) can use to improve collaboration.

My passion is to translate a multi-layered worldview into hands-on relational practices. 70% of my working time I spend on designing methods and writing textbooks for educational purposes in the domain of communication, leadership, coaching, and mediation. See more for my bio.

If you …

  • want to make a living out of higher purpose driven work,
  • want to coach and teach others on successful collaboration,
  • are a pioneer in the field of change, transition initiatives and agility,
  • want to gain more self-confidence in how to guide complex collaborative processes,

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Rudy, I skimmed through the book and I am very impressed with your approach. I think it addresses several aspects that are often omitted from models for personal development, such as contributing to the larger whole, and the necessity of working in parallel on your own identity. One of the problems with many team models is their tendency to mire one in self-absorption, ignoring the essential role of authentic connection with other humans combined with a shared higher purpose.
C.J. Hayden
author of 50 Ways Coaches Can Change The World


Successful collaboration with the ambition to turn around a discipline, organisational culture, or social system requires design principles based on a 21st century systemic and multi-layered world view. Collaborative circles describes how you can design and facilitate long-term collaboration that is effective in its ambition. Read more...

The idea

A collaborative circle is a small group of people, comprising between eight and twenty members, who enter into a long-term commitment to achieve a higher purpose. This higher purpose can be a change in a professional discipline, an organisational culture, a neighbourhood, or a social system. Read more...

getting started

Are you an initiator or group leader? Would you like to introduce a collaborative circle practice in your workplace?
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